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Thread: looking 2-3 people to share cost of my vps for torrentflux

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    Hello,I has rent vps for torrentflux in hosting-ie,
    and because cost for rent VPS is not cheap and I only need small space
    ,so I looking for 2-3 people for axpromately 3 month to split the cost

    Here Is the price :

    For :

    HDD Space 20GB
    Price is $20 /month

    HDD Space 15GB
    Price is $15 / month

    I no limit your torrent,since I share not to profit, but only for split the cost,
    so you can run torrent as you want,but do not go over your HDD space
    Payment nor refundable

    Specification of my VPS :

    Processor 2Ghz
    Torrenflux 2.3
    Unlimited Bandwitch (is shared 100mbps)
    Ram 1 GB

    Payment via Liberty Reserve or Web Money only
    or you can pay via Paypal,but if via paypal you must verified paypal for minimal one year

    If you interested,you can pm me

    And I insert picture too when I run 17 torrent in one time, its for testing server load only
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    if you want to try first,
    I give you a trial account to try for one hour only for disc space only 300MB and 1 active torrent,if you over the 300MB, I will delete your file

    can pm me anyone interested

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    and pic server load when only 12 torrent run
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    Max dl/ul speeds ?

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    I not limit your dl/ul speed,
    My VPS is Raptor 5,so its 100Mbps shared with 5 VPS,
    and also speed its will be shared for me,and 2-3 people in my VPS too if I share to 2-3 people
    I usually get Maks DL is 3MB/s if upload speed I set only 10KBps
    But IF I set upload 300KBPS and I download too,usually download almost 2MB,and upload usually 1MB,like pic I upload here..
    So,If share with 2people with you too,each people will be Maks download 1MB/s I think,if you only download


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