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Thread: [request]Bitmetv invite

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    Hey guys, as you can probably infer from the title, I'm looking for a BMTV invite. I started a couple of downloads from Demonoid before they went down, and AFAIK BMTV is the only place to finish them. I'm pretty desperate to finish getting Dick Van Dyke seasons 1-3 (300 or so megs left on each of the packs).

    I grew up watching that show, and while I managed to download the Walnut Episode, I want the rest

    I'm on a 15/2 and make it a point to keep a Great ratio on every site I'm a member of. Proof(s) and speedtest available upon request.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen.

    P.S. Have UG, TD, Kray and Childbytes invites if anyone wants.
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    bumped, because I love myself

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    don't bother yourself getting there... you would get banned soon anyway as the rest of the world

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    Users are never banned. Might be spoilers????

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    Whatcha talking about Swayne?

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    good luck man this is highest req

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    Thanks various, I know it's hard to get. But I'm praying.

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    i would inv u but u need to be active

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    yes, post more, let people get to know you then request. you've now had 2 people that would have invited you if you had done this.
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