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Thread: Scheduled Tasks

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    I am using Admin account on my computer and there are no other account

    i have no password setup for the admin account

    i want to setup Scheduled Tasks but it asks me for the pass and since i have no pass i cant setup Scheduled Tasks is there any way i can set them up without creating a password?

    Please let me know

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    How are you getting into the Scheduled Tasks Wizard?
    I'm just asking this because other pieces of software also have scheduled tasks. If you are running one of those it may be asking for a password related to that software rather than the windows password.

    If you are genuinely a systems administrator then windows will not normally ask you for a user/password. The exception is when the Task Scheduler is not running under the local system account. You can check this by looking at the properties of the Task Scheduler:
    Open Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services
    Find Task Scheduler, right click and select properties.
    Select the Log On tab, the setting should be Local System Account with the check box for "allow service to interact with desktop" unselected.
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    There are 2 ways you can fix this one is to run it as the system service as described above or run it only when logged on.

    To do this, right click on the task, and check the box "Run only if Logged on" and the set password box will be greyed out and the task will run.
    This is the most recommended way


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