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Thread: Best Software For Cable Ripping?

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    I just got a PCI TV tuner card for my computer and it came with WINDVR 1.5, not functional with XP at all, won't let me choose cable as source. Downloaded a version 2 on here, same problem, except now it also crashes every time I try to change this option or the country (default is set to untied arabian estates or somat).

    There is this other generic program I have that works fine, but the captures are HUGE and I'm not sure if I'll be able to record an entire show (they are un-encoded AVI files).

    Does anyone know of a program that would work for what I'm looking for? I just need to be able to record episodes off my PCI TV card into a reasonably sized file. Thanks.

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    Can you not configure it to use the divx codec? Win TV has a compression option kinda hidden in one of the GUI's. Yours should too.


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