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    Sex in the City - Does anyone know if all the main characters have come out naked? The lady characters i mean. MMM What are the names of the episodes where at least one of them comes out naked? I've seen several and in some cases i see no nudity in the entire episode. oh! OR if you wanna give me the number/name/title of the episode where the most girls come out , go right ahead!

    Oz - I saw an episode where a black nurse is walking away from some inmates and stuff , and she flashes her nipples to the guys there. I was wondering does anyone know what episode it is?

    ohhh and unrelated question... does anyone know where i can DOWNLOAD the trailer for Scary Movie 3?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    you can go to and get it. Its not the trailer its from ET it shows whos in it and what its about

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    Thanks M8! MU@@@@@@@@@

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    dude this guy scares me.

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    me or him ? and why?


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