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Thread: 3x KG for free

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    1)why you want it?? What kind of movies do you like/looking for...
    3)minimum +10 BT rep pts

    No PM

    Good luck

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    may i have 1

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    I want one to fill requests for old movies from my family and other people. Stuff I can't find at the regular sites. I do not have rep points because I don't trade and they are disabled.

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    great Giveaway M8

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    i know i dont have 10 rp put im realy i need it because i adore classic movies
    in any event thank u

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    I love movies new and old am am looking to fill my long list of movies I need to watch. Some being black and white but most from 60's to 90's and I heard this is thew best place for that. I am also looking for a good community to recommend great movies to watch that I have over looks or have slipped through my radar. I know I don't have the rep points but I have lots of proofs if you need(mostly movie sites but not all), I hope you can make an exception just this once.

    thanks for giving me a chance

    heres my speedtest:

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    let me say first what a wondoer gift u have to the users here...and so generous from u....i hope i win one of them it makes me gratful and the i can support my big movies collection by the classical movies....any way only i can say thnx for the gift...good luck for the users who desrve this one..

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