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Thread: new laptop needed

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    ok as the thitle says it i want a new laptop the things i want for this laptop is just for straight dvd internet and avi divx... viewing ect also encoding movies so i can burn them any suggestions????

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    Try perusing ebay. What is your budget? Perhaps you are a starving student like myself. Newegg has some pretty nice laptops. This is an Everex XT5300T. I purchased the model before this and it was pretty good for what you were talking about. 17" Screen, 1GB Ram (I upgraded to 2GB), 120GB HD (WITH 2 DRIVE BAYS!!!!), Dual Layer DVD Burner, AMD Athlon 64 X2(1.7GHZ) . It was a great system, too bad I sent mine to Nigeria :[.... Don't ask, it was months ago and I had never used pay pal before...

    If you are REALLY cheap like me, then get this HP 530 . Not the greatest system, but pretty good for that price. HP makes some pretty solid laptops. 1.6 GHZ Celeron, 512MB Ram (Please Buy a stick of 1GB or 2GB ram), DVD-Rom, 80GB Drive....
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    I would go with the HP Pavilion dv6707us 15.4" Widescreen Laptop. Below are some of thee features.

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-57
    160GB hard drive
    Built-in wireless 802.11bg

    2GB of DDR2 memory
    Burns DVDs and CDs
    Built-in webcam
    NVIDIA 7150M GS graphics and 799MB of shared video memory
    Media card reader
    Built-in camera/mic
    ExpressCard/54 slot

    And the killer thing is it's only $579.99 right now at BestBuy

    All Killer reviews. I have the model 1 step down from this one and I love it. It will do everything you want and more...

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