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Thread: About Leechkiller By Kazaa Kontrol

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    I found a program called LeechKiller. It does an automatic search for shared files. If a downloader is sharing no files, it automatically disconnects him. The only problem with it is that it's very primitive and actually not all the effective. Is the K++ development team planning to do something about the 42 zillion people using K++ who are nothing but parasites and add nothing at all to the P2P community?

    It is intensely frustrating to have to fight off 15 or 20 people who feel it's their right to cheat & take whatever they want before - finally - someone with an honest PL and who is sharing files shows up. The leeches FAR OUTNUMBER honest users and I cannot see how anything can survive with that many parasites.

    Why would the development team include a participation hack with the program anyway? Now, everyone wants to be a supreme being... and they're never sharing. So I cut every supreme being.

    Something has to be done to reduce to level of leeching. Is there no way that K++ can be made to automatically block connections from people sharing less than a certain number of files? That number should be configurable by each user. I understand that some people make their files unlistable - though they're still sharing. So would it be possible then to "un-hack" the PL and make K++ deny connection to anyone with a PL below a certain level?

    It takes GIVING to get a decent PL. Sometimes I run K++ and just let sharers download all night. And it doesn't take much to keep a PL of at least 20 or so. Even a 56k'er can do that much. So why include the PL cheat? Including a PL cheat is counter-productive to file-sharing.

    I don't mind people downloading from me. I try to keep a high PL. But I'd like an easier way to control WHO is downloading. Giving a file to a leech is no different from dropping it to a CD and throwing it in the garbage. No one will ever see it again - and that does no one any good.


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    This must get said 5 times a day on this forum...guess I'm first in this thread. \o/

    Because of the privacy patch, which almost all users of the latest version of K++ have active, you CANNOT tell whether someone is leeching, or just trying to protect themselves. So stop disconnecting us, ass.

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    see that kazaa in the right hand corner down the bottom right click it and choose exit problem solved


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