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Thread: Devastation

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    (i hope this is the right fourm but anyways) Dose anyone no how to get past that damn page that comes up thats says all that illegal copy crap when u try and play the game? i have tryed like every no-cd crack still the same page anyhelp will be great

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    The thing that works for me is being disconnected from the internet, but there are other ways that I have read about:
    Open My Documents and the Devastation folder there, you'll see a reg file called cd right click and edit, change the data inside (I think you can guess what's inside) by a digit or letter etc, save the changes, then double click it add it to the reg.

    If you have a firewall like zonealarm, you can disable the game from connecting to the internet. that will solve your problem.

    To be able to play the game while online, block those with your firewall:

    port 27900

    The first is the best one, or the only one I've tried.


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