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Thread: How Do I Play Vcd Files?

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    I downloaded Tomb Raider 2 which is more than 1GB. I have 2 bin files and each one has a couple of .vcd files and a huge .dat file. I can play the .dat file with BSPlayer but the quality is S H I T! I mean it's like those stupid TMD movies but at least TMD ones aren't that huge. Do you think playing some .vcd file from the same CD will make the quality better or something?

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    umm no tmd quality is shit

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    well if its the new tombriader then figures, its a new movie so no good qualities yet

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    your question is all over the place. you want to know how to play vcds and wander into why TMDs arent as big as the files you got.
    umm... vcds are played in your dvd player.
    you can also rip the mpegs out of the .bins with the right software.
    snoop around

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