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Thread: Some Questions To The Experts

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    (1)first of all, is it true I only need a $2 graphics card to run a fast dedicated sever
    (2)Is [256mb ddr 333mhz] ram beter than [1024 Sd 133mhz]?
    (3) what should my 1.7 gig cpu be clocked to?
    (4) whats the "real" specs for the latest games right now
    (5) Insert Geforce Ti 4200 bios rom hyperlink

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    1= if you can get one for that price

    2= yes/no/sort of

    3= no more than 10% (if it will even take that. )

    4= ?

    5= ????

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    In response to question 4 the latest games right now can reqire a minimum of a Geforce 3 to run decently, they may also need a processser with a speed of up to 800mhz and Ram of up to 256 mb of 266mhz

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    In Reasponce to number 2....I have 320MB or PC100 RAM...and it runs pretty fast...i only have 566Mhz...but ive reformated and done a ton of tweaks and i PROMISE its the best 3 year old pc you will find....but i dont see much diff in 256MB 333mhz and 320MB of PC100
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