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Thread: European Politicians Launch Pro-Filesharing Campaign

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    Greens EFA, a coalition of two political parties that currently have 42 seats in the European parliament, have launched a pro-filesharing campaign named “I Wouldn’t Steal”. Their goal is to counter the anti-piracy propaganda put forward by the entertainment industry, and encourage people to download and share.

    The message put forward by the parties is pretty strong: “Whenever you rent a movie, the multinational media industry forces you to watch their propaganda. They claim that downloading movies is the same as snatching bags, stealing cars or shoplifting. That’s simply not true – making a copy is fundamentally different from stealing.”

    Greens EFA claim that the entertainment industry exploits artists and sell propaganda, and want to make the public aware of this. We couldn’t agree more of course, and it is good to see that these established political parties are attempting to decriminalize filesharing. As they write: “The media industry has failed to offer viable legal alternatives and they will fail to convince consumers that sharing equals stealing. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in another area – lobbying to adapt laws to criminalize sharing, turning consumers into criminals.”

    In collaboration with RåFILM the parties created a short clip for the campaign. which they made available on BitTorrent by uploading it to The Pirate Bay. It’s beginning to look like things are finally starting to change, politicians are not scared anymore to embrace BitTorrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, and stand up for people’s right to share culture.

    Brokep from The Pirate Bay is of course delighted by the campaign and told TorrentFreak: “I love that there are smart people that understand how the world works and I’m gonna support them with whatever means I can”.

    Let’s hope the entertainment industry is paying attention as well.



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    maybe the the music industries that are so called ''hurt/losing money'' from people filesharing should come up with a way to make money off of how many people download the artists songs and boast their popularity/money/career/etc. 50 cent says filesharing doesnt hurt artist in a post a couple weeks ago. i see how not buying their albums and downloading them instead makes them lose money. or is it the industry that loses it? they got enough money anyways. too bad they cant make money off of filesharing as of buying albums does.

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    I see. Maybe they are pushing this so that they don't get in trouble for downloading music and movies and such. Now only if the US would follow suit.
    Remember bullets always have the right of way.

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    filesharing strikes back!

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    id vote for them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken View Post
    "...making a copy is fundamentally different from stealing.”
    Actually, music and a car are both property. The former is intellectual (or abstract) property, the other is physical. Fundamentally, they are the same. The abstract compliment of physically depriving someone their physical property is mindlessly copying the abstract products of another's mind. That is why I would never let people copy off my homework in high-school... I value my property, the sweat on my proverbial brow.

    I agree that they must spread awareness of the lobbying and the monetary alternative , but to imply that by doing so they can change copyright laws is just absurd...

    Not to mention just a tad socialist. It's no wonder that I find European politicians campaigning this and not the fiscal conservatives of America.


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