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Thread: Offline browser / website downloader

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    If you're using google with those search parameters you are possibly overwhelmed by the many results, most of them useless, so I'm counting on personal experience.

    What I'm searching for is an application that downloads an entire website which can later be viewed locally with all of its features. It doesn't help me if the local copy is broken (or worse: incomplete) because of some harrowing technology like JavaScript, Java or even Flash. For this to work the application in question needs some fancy engine and it's pretty clear that the program I used years ago isn't capable of that anymore. The more options the better, I don't care if it gets a bit complicated to use but what's important is reliability.

    Any hints are welcome, preferrable are tools with a certain 'medicine' in existence to ensure unlimited use.

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    i'm looking for that too. have been for a long time. i think when you copy to the local hard drive the pages are hard coded to their saved locations on C: drive(or whatever) and if you move them it doesn't work properly anymore(image anchors).

    hope someone can help.

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    There used to be this software to download complete websites.......i even downloaded a site using it ....i tried searching the net for it today but didnt find it ....i'll give u the name ...see if it helps...

    "web reaper"



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