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Thread: got level 4 trackers and up watch inside

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    Shinigami's Avatar BANNED BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Sep 2007
    Got for trade: 25 GB buffer + 2 invites
    TB 140GB buffered (if you need TB, pm me with what buffer you need and what your offer is, I can easily upload on TB with seedbox)
    ScT invite
    TT acc 30 GB buffered

    I am still looking for:

    ScL invite
    BitmeTV invite or account
    level 8
    level 9 (no e**** and no FTWR, you will know the reason once you pm me)

    Also got special offers which I will not name here, you need to pm me for it

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    krunktastic's Avatar Krunk User+ BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Dec 2007
    What the fuck is your problem. You take the account in the TT acc giveaway which I/someone else would have actually used, and you trade it the next day. You're reasoning? "I'm from Holland that's where all the best DJ's come from."

    Also, if you trade that account again it is going to get banned. I swear, some people...

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    Shinigami's Avatar BANNED BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Sep 2007
    Dont judge before you know WHO'S account this is. It is not even mine you, prejudging person, I swear too, some people just keep on talking about things they don't know anything about Topic CLOSED


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