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Thread: Tv-out Cards..

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    ok i think im gonna get one today but i need to know if it will work... my tvb doesnt have an S-Video slot but my dvd player does... if i just switch to my dvd player and have the cord plugged in there will it work?

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    Your best bet of getting a good answer to this is if u ask in hardware world or ask a mod to move it there. Anyway, are u sure ur dvd player doesn't just have svideo out in which case it won't work. If it does have svideo in then i don't think theres a problem, but i dunno for sure.
    If u want to connect your computer to tv straight u could get a svideo - rca adaptor cable which cost about 10 quid (UK). (most big tv's have sockets for that)
    Theres been lots of other threads about tv out cards in hardware world so maybe doing a search of that section would give u more info.


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