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Thread: video card bios flashing

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    i know it can be risky. but i was wondering if its possible to flash my x1950pro(RV570) to the XT (R580+). just wanting a performance boost. but i also heard they have 2 different cores .
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    Never heard anything like that before.
    I know that some cards are purposely crippled by their manufacture by hiding pipes and pixel shaders, and those can be unmasked using Riva Tuner.
    Sometimes they might be hidden due to defects in the chip, other times they are just fine. These cards sell for considerably less than their fully activated counterparts. I once bought a Nvidia 6600XT and was able to fully unlock it to a 6600 Ultra.

    But to the best of my knowledge, the x1950pro is not a crippled card.
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    The RV570 and RV580 you posted are the actual chip names, and the two chips are different as night and day. Flashing a video card bios would not in any way change the fact that your 570 chip doesn't have the power or the same configurations as the 580. Besides, videocard bios flashing just doesn't happen, overclocking is what gets a card to emulate another, and a lot of times it requires special cooling to prevent damage to the chip (and/or) memory from overheating.


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