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Thread: Using Routers With Kazaa

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    I have a Wireless Linksys Router ( BEFW11S4 v.2). I have cable internet with speeds around 1700 d/l (test results from When my router is connected, my d/l connections and speed drop to almost nothing in Kazaa Lite. If I just use the modem, my speeds and connections are great. I have tried port forwarding and everything else. Any suggestions. I have read that Linksys is not a good router to use for file sharing. I am thinking of purchasing a Netgear Wireless-G router.

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    The only thing you can realy do in this case is to buy a new router, so you were right in first place.

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    i have a wired 4 port linksys router and had no probs with it, forwarded the correct ports etc, and all work fine. try uprading the firmware if a new version is available, also does it happen with all pc's? try kanat this helps me.

    edit: i heard that linksys routers were meant to be the quickest at processing data. amd sorting it etc.


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