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Thread: requesting TL invite

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    title says it all. i have good ratios on many private trackers. lots of stuff to share (nearly 2TB) heres some of my stats on other sites:

    i have more if youd like.

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    pandabear's Avatar Internet BT Rep: +2
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    Nov 2006
    TL invite system is disabled till who knows when.

    Someone invite me to fsc please

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    Quote Originally Posted by pandabear View Post
    TL invite system is disabled till who knows when.
    oh poo.

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    grimms's Avatar Excuse Me? BT Rep: +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16
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    Yea i would close this thread. Nobody knows when they will reopen.

    Excuse Me?
    Didn't Think So!

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    ...or if they will reopen again?


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