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Thread: Windows Se7en

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    Microsoft will be release their new Windows in late 2009 called “Windows Seven”. According to Wikipedia, Windows 7 with codename Blackcomb and then Vienna confirmed by Microsoft is the internal name for the next version of the Windows Client OS.

    From first release of Windows Vista on January 2007, Windows 7 will be release on 32 bit and 64 bit version. Although the official said Windows 7 will be 64 bit, maybe we remember when Windows XP released, Windows Longhorn planned to be 64 bit version only. And now most of the PC still use 32 bit version, and I though Windows 7 will be release in 32 bit version.

    In some forum there are many opinion why the next generation of Windows call Seven. Here are the opinions why called Windows 7:

    1. It’s going to take seven years to finish
    2. It will be the 7th version of windows (Vista is no.6)
    3. 7 as a lucky number and big release (I though 13 is a lucky number too)
    4. Some one also said like this Windows Se7en.. it’s so funny!

    Maybe we just wait and see when Microsoft launch their future and next generation of Windows.

    Share your opinion.
    FLiP all the way!

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    Older apps and games dont work well in 64 bit system and some of the new ones have problems too. Same goes for hardware. Cant say im excited about windows7.

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    I'll probably still be on XP at that time.

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    Windows XP MCE is codename "Blackcomb"

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    Funny there is a next version when I still haven't spent more than 1 hour in Vista.
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    Thats because Vista albeit pretty Sux


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