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Thread: Any1 Heard Of Dizzee Rascal

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    well has any1 heard his songz

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    he's a London garage MC who's just released his album called Boy in Da Corner on XL (I think). It's fresh and it's raw and it's on Soulseek!

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    ye seen his videos on U Music Or Sumthing on Sky (Channel 467)

    hes ok

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    zacspeed's Avatar Pheasant plucker
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    Mar 2003
    Wasn't he the dude who was shot in Agia Napa earlier this year?
    Something to do with one of the guys in So Solid?
    Or did I dream the whole thing?

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    he got stabbed in ayia napa

    can anyone put his whole album on here, its a gr8 album B)


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