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Thread: What Could Be The Problem

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    i tried install a game, colin mcrae 3 it work fine untill its says there not enought disk space so that all good i tried it afew more times,afterb trying to make more room no luck
    but now i got more than enough room but when i go to install it only asks if i want to uninstall i looked through the registry and found one entry for the game deleted and still when i go to install it just tries to uninstall
    anybody got any ideas

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    Does it let you uninstall? If so do it. Sorry, no more help than that.

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    have you tried removing from add/remove programs?

    go to control panel>add/remove programs and remove colin mcrae rally from there

    if that doesn't work, look into a program called add/remove plus
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    it lets me uninstall i do that it says its finished than ask if i want to delete saved game and yes ive tried from add/remove still just uninstall
    but thank you i&#39;ll try that program and ill let you know thanks

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    simply uninstall using windows add/remove.
    get regcleaner to make sure all entries are removed
    try reinstalling again.

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    Try something called Ace utilities.. I had the same problem..

    Run that and it will delete reg files and also delete the programme from

    add/remove software.

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    wow thanks for all the replys but actually add/remove plus worked fine and dandy its actually a pretty good program thanks all


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