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Thread: gfex nvidia hidden.

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    I was reading here the other day a comment from somebody saying that some cards that are on the market have hidden shaders and extra pipes which can be unlocked as hidden goodies .

    Is there any software around that can tell me what is supposed to be hidden if there is anything hidden or how would i know if there is any goodies to unlock.

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    I believe that you would have to overclock your hardware.

    Unless you are really familiar with BIOS options and settings, I wouldn't recommend doing this.... However, if you have a good MB and good OC skills, have at it...

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    This should be in the hardware section and I believe you are talking about the 7800 or 6800 card. I forgot which one but it was the AGP model that let people unlock the pipes but it didn't really give a significant boost in performance.


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