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Thread: Why are all the servers dead? (Please help!)

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    I hadn't used eMule for a few months.

    Tried it last week and every server "appears to be dead". I downloaded the lastest version (0.48a) and still no luck. I just couldn't connect.

    I tried today and I've connected, but still most of the servers are saying "appear to be dead". The only one that didn't was "United Server No1".

    I really don't know much about ports and things. Can anyone give me some advice, I'd be most grateful.

    In case this means anything to anyone, here are bits of my log:

    22/01/2008 17:26:06: Found 43 known shared files
    22/01/2008 17:26:06: Credit file loaded, 5 clients are known, 23 clients deleted (not seen within 5 month)
    22/01/2008 17:26:08: 31053 IP filters loaded
    22/01/2008 17:26:21: 26 servers in server.met found
    22/01/2008 17:26:21: 8 servers added, 15 not added (already listed/invalid)
    22/01/2008 17:26:24: Found 39 part files
    22/01/2008 17:26:25: eMule Version 0.48a ready
    22/01/2008 17:28:38: Connecting
    22/01/2008 17:28:38: Connecting to Razorback (
    22/01/2008 17:28:38: Read 173 contacts from file.
    22/01/2008 17:28:59: Razorback ( appears to be dead.
    All the servers say that, then finally:
    22/01/2008 17:37:05: Connecting to United Server No1 (
    22/01/2008 17:37:05: Connected to United Server No1 (, sending login request
    22/01/2008 17:37:06: Connection established on: United Server No1 (
    22/01/2008 17:37:06: New client ID is 3126403875

    Can anyone give me any advice on getting eMule working better. It seems like I need to set things up better but I don't have a clue about ports.


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    its cuz everyone uses torrent.

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    Go to the servers tab, right click and remove all...this will delete all the existing servers from ur list. Now type in the 'Update server.met from URL' field. Connect to Razorback 3.0....all done!

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    ya, don't understand why!

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    Kad seems to have disappeared.Lots of fake servers.Updating Kad Nodes does not work.However.I use the Server that My Shareaza connects to.Fallow the guidelines in the sticky post.I don't give up on any of my file share programs PERIOD.I fight back and keep Sharing!

    Okay Finaly all Problems solved I Think installed RazorBack3 Emule but might have a problem with spyware!
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    this happened to me too, but i updated the server.met and worked fine after

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    Quote Originally Posted by FucThRIIA View Post
    Kad seems to have disappeared.
    I don't know what you are doing but i strongly disagree with you. Kad is the only way to go nowadays when using emule. After all the recent troubles with the servers I don't think it is worth even using them.

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