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    cool links

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    why are you suddenly posting this everywhere?
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    Whoever you are SharedHolder, I&#39;m going to add a link to your site for have my link on your site. Mine is the SIG2DAT: Downloading Made Easier site. Thanks.

  7. Movies & TV   -   #7 I have this one and your link is not working sorry.

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    Sorry, I was missing a w in www. I think I will add a link to your site upon the launch of my website in ASP pages. Then I add it just once to a single web page that works upon all the pages compared to the changing it upon all 50 or so pages that are up. (Which should be complete most likely by this weekend.) I built it wrong the first time, now I&#39;m trying to correct it.
    Thanks again.


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