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Thread: Genre and age group:relationship

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    Can someone point to me any study that relate age with the genre of music that a person listen to. There seem to be a co-relationship between age group and the genre of song/music that a person listen to.

    For example; a person who listen to rap is most likely a teenage, but a person who listen to classic rock is from that teenager father's generation. This is the extreme example and an over generalization, but there is some truth in it. I just wonder if there is already some good studies done on the subject.

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    i had crazy on rap but now i like jazz and soul ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjyes View Post
    i had crazy on rap but now i like jazz and soul ...

    Jazz and soul are associated with the middle class group or those brought up in an 'artistic' background. Also another generalization.

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    Of course it's true for the most part. Older folk like classic rock because they were brought up with it, meemmorriess....same goes for rap or what ever is bein' fed to the kiddies..although this is a trend, there is music that transcends generations, if your open to music...a study doesn't really seem necessary but i'm sure there are some out there..i might be taking the too general part y our talkin' about, but what is the study needed for anyways? just curious...

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