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Thread: Is Black XP is good?

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    I saw many edited xp versions in warez sites. So The Black XP is good to use. I need to know about "Black XP"


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    yap its the best but i think there are some problems on it

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    Can somebody give some details of blackXP or other edited version.
    Or maybe a link where I can get the info?

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    its a bit buggy,but if you can live with that....go for it!
    Knowledge is ... Power!

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    No, it's a piece of junk full of shit - trojans, malwares, and no good \=

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    Never heard of it, can someone tell me what it is?
    Presenting your royal highness, our illustrious King Cruel the XIII, self-proclaimed lord of the lemurs, et cetera, et cetera, hooray, everybody.
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    Here we go again.

    I am a bit of a Black XP Junkie

    Most of the versions of Black XP are FINE!!! And most of the releases are not "buggy" either, it really depends on the Version

    The one you do not want to get is v7.0 from wrestlezone that one had some viruses put in by someone after it was released!

    ATM there is a Black XP v8 now but I haven't gotten that one yet.

    There was a split in the developers one side continues to improve Black versions the other has mad a "Vision" version

    BXP is a "homemade" version of XP pro, without the need to enter a key or anything they fully pass all windows Genuine advantage and are fully updateable and with some very useful and cool apps pre installed. They also have whats called a WPI (Windows Post Installer) that also has tons of useful apps pre-registered or with keys. Anothe thing I personally love is all the windows themes and awesome wallpapers it comes with.It is usually based on a Student or corporate edition.ATM the Black 7.5 version was stated as being the most reliable ATM. Here is some info on that one.

    It is a custom made version of Windows XP with a Black Theme to it also it has a Windows Post Installer with loads of apps. No key needed fully unattended version and fully updateable.

    Here are a few screens of what it looks like.

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 942x714.

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 801x578.

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768.

    This is the forum that YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR!? Still absurd to me...

    The other newer version that I think is still in the works as far as a Final release goes is

    Vision XP
    This one has no keygens or patches in it as of the latest build but will soon be released on a 2 DVD set. Here is the NFO

    0HM]j# ,aM0g ,\ a0g aM, ,v, M000000M, ,g, M0000000000000000##I00
    0HMj001 N000Y jb00L NP ,D000' ,gN# M000000' ,Q08 00000000000000000#I00
    0HM000& N00X p00000 '_d0000# &00' j#00000# Q00 /000M00000MM000000#I00
    0HM0000 N0! 4000000r MN0000' "~ _/M000000' ^~ _q, ]~ a "0000#I00
    0HM0000 0' &000000F 00000# pgmq0g0000000# ggqg0QM J $M& "000#I00
    0HM0000 yM00000@^_MY ~M000' jN000000000000 +Q000008 +#0 {Q0 OM00#I00
    0HM0000c Q00000' /Q0& 000F N000000000000F G000000 M#0 @0' ,0000#I00
    0HMFgqMf ph000#` `#~` ~^ ~#000000000Z^ "#000Z^ M000, ~ _,m00$EM#I00
    0HMNZ]M Thanks To: eXPerience,,, Ricktendo64, #4~#[I00
    0HM&Z$#,,, #gZg#I00
    0HMP~~Q & last but not least, #~~~#I00
    0HMf ] # #I00
    0HMf ] ... For the programs, the insight, & the ecouragement # #I00
    0HMf ] that made this build possible. # #I00
    0HMf ] # #I00
    0HMf ]pgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg# #I00
    0HMf ]`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````B #I00
    0HMf ] I would also like to thank the Lamers out there who 4 #I00
    0HMf ] criticized my "adjustments" to the forever "buggy" 4 #I00
    0HMf ] modded version of XP that I had to fix before I used it. :p 4 #I00
    0HMf ] 4 #I00
    0HMf ] Ps. Kirk/gamer'man'?/warezdemonoid/stevebuttmunch 4 #I00
    0HMf ] pls feel free to get any tips on how to build 4 #I00
    0HMf ] a 'proper' OS from this build. :p 4 #I00
    0HMf ]pgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg4 #I00
    0HMf ] j #I00
    0HMf ````"Isn't it time to get out of the "dark" & into the light?"```` #I00
    0HMf #I00
    0HMf M.O.D. Presents 8!00
    0HMf #I00
    0HMf Vision XP Pro (RC1) 0I00
    0HMf 0I00
    0HMf 0I00
    0HMQMM*\**********'*-********!* *-********-! O*******!*! *********''******QMMI00
    0HM\M0P~--~~~~~~-~'"^~~~~~~~'"+"!"~~~~~~~^'"~ "~~~~~~-'9" ~~~~~~~^^~~~~~~00QQI00
    0HMW\\NM0~^^~~`^~~`~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~^`~~~ ~~~`~~^`~~~ ~~^^~~~~~~`^~~~~~]05&CM4I00
    00H[5CM/g#__________ __________________ ________ ______________________#XN\hMI10
    00H)77Q0T_____`__```_`__`_`__```_`_`__`______`__ __`__``__`____`______`_j&D@Qf10
    00H[Pp0CZZZZZ` Z,jj,,,`Z``,,,jZZ,,`jZ` L,,,,,`,Z_Z,`L,jj,__`Z_T,j,,,,Z `ZD0CNf10
    00H[0&gggggg__ggggggggg _g_ggggggg_,_,gggggggg_g , gggggggg , ,gggggggg_ gg0&I10
    00H4 f10
    00H4 f10

    00H4[Key elements]
    00H4 *Passes WGA
    00H4 *SP2 Integrated
    00H4 *Hotfixes & updates to 08/07
    00H4 *28 Driver Packs
    00H4 *Default theme is VistaVG Ultimate
    00H4 *There are only 3 themes to choose from
    00H4 (this is going to stay simple, you can
    00H4 always download themes that suit you.)
    00H4 *Origional XP Boot and Logon screens.
    00H4[Slipstreamed Programs]
    00H4 VistaIcon Pack v3
    00H4 Ricktendo's Sidebar SP2
    00H4 ObjectDock 1.9
    00H4 Firefox
    00H4 Thunderbird
    00H4 utorrent v1.7.6
    00H4 Internet Explorer 7
    00H4 Window Media Player 11.0.5
    00H4 WinRar 3.70
    00H4 DVD Decryptor v3.5.4.0
    00H4 Ultra Iso 8
    00H4 Open Office v2.2.1
    00H4[Registry Tweaks]
    00H4 [Disabled Services]
    00H4 Error Reporting Service
    00H4 Indexing Service
    00H4 Messenger
    00H4 Remote Registry
    00H4 Security Center
    00H4 [System Performance]
    00H4 Opens 16-bit apps in a separate memory space
    00H4 Show Run in Separate Memory Space Option to run 16 bit programs in VDM
    00H4 Speed up opening of My Computer and Explorer
    00H4 [General Customation]
    00H4 Add Notepad as a Right Click Item
    00H4 Allow renaming and removing of Recycle Bin
    00H4 Allows installing PlexTools Upgrade as full version
    00H4 Disable Automatic Restart In The Event Of a Blue Screen Of Death
    00H4 Disable Balloon Tips
    00H4 Disable Stupid Window Animation
    00H4 Display DOS filenames in proper text-case
    00H4 Don't let Windows Messenger load involuntarily at every boot-up
    00H4 Enable quick-launch bar near start-menu
    00H4 Enable status bar in notepad
    00H4 Enable status bar in Windows Explorer
    00H4 Enable word wrap
    00H4 Enables Live Scrolling in Microsoft Word
    00H4 Enables status bar in Explorer
    00H4 Get rid of 'EULA' dialog for MS-PowerPoint Viewer 2003
    00H4 Gets rid of Places Bar in Common Dialog Boxes.
    00H4 Gets rid of tray icon for taking survey (Office 2003)
    00H4 Makes any open folders restore again when Windows restarts
    00H4 Notepad saves page setup and window positions
    00H4 Prevent new ads being downloaded every 6 minutes in windows messenger
    00H4 Shortcuts without "Shortcut to..."
    00H4 Show the real CD-recording speed in Nero (example: 21.6x writing speed)
    00H4 Show Window Contents While Dragging
    00H4 [General settings]
    00H4 Add "User Passwords" (Userpasswords2) to Control Panel
    00H4 Change Search Options To Search Hidden and System Files
    00H4 Disable Anti-virus Notifications
    00H4 Disable Automatic Updates Notifications
    00H4 Disable Built in Windows CD Burning
    00H4 Disable Filter keys (Popups up when pressing shift for some time, accessibility)
    00H4 Disable Firewall Notifications
    00H4 Disable Sticky Keys (Popups up when pressing shift for some time, accessibility)
    00H4 Disable the monitor resolution check (red circle in taskbar on first logon)
    00H4 Disable Toggle Keys (Popups up when pressing shift for some time, accessibility)
    00H4 Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links
    00H4 Disable Windows File Protection
    00H4 Disable Windows Tour
    00H4 Disables Error Reporting, but notifies when critical errors occur
    00H4 Enable Classic Search (Disable "Search Dog")
    00H4 Enable ClearType (Anti-Aliasing for fonts)
    00H4 Enable Remote Administration of Windows Installer
    00H4 Make the Windows XP registration with Microsoft unnecessary
    00H4 Open HTA files with MSHTA.EXE
    00H4 Override Antivirus
    00H4 Override Windows Firewall
    00H4 Places shortcut to Scanner or Camera on your desktop when you connect it with USB cable
    00H4 Recycle Bin Uses 3% of Available Space Rather than 10%
    00H4 Search All File Types
    00H4 Set mouse pointer speed to maximum
    00H4 Set to classic theme
    00H4 Show Detailed Info in Device Manager
    00H4 Show Windows Updates in Add-Remove Programs
    00H4 Typing Long File Names In DOS
    0HMf Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting
    0HMf [Folder view and Taskbar]
    0HMf Cache more Icons
    0HMf Control Panel Classic View
    0HMf Details View for Explorer
    0HMf Disable Active Desktop
    0HMf Disable all Balloon Tips
    0HMf Disable Automatic Hiding of Inactive Tray Icons
    0HMf Display contents of system folders and protected folders
    0HMf Display drive letters first in drive names
    0HMf Display High Color Icons
    0HMf Don't Group Similar Taskbar Buttons
    0HMf Improve Thumbnail Quality
    0HMf Remove Shared Documents from My Computer
    0HMf Show file extensions
    0HMf Show Hidden Files and Folders
    0HMf Show protected operating system files
    0HMf Show Windows classic folders
    0HMf Stop Applcations from stealing the focus with pop ups
    0HMf Unlock taskbar
    0HMf Use Small Icons
    0HMf Wrap Icon Titles
    0HMf [Start menu & Taskbar]
    0HMf Change MenuShowDelay (Start Menu load speed)
    0HMf show Favorites on Start Menu
    0HMf show My Music on Start Menu
    0HMf Show Search Command on Start Menu
    0HMf No programs on the left side of start menu
    0HMf show Recent Docsmenu
    0HMf show "Set Program Access and Defaults" from Start Menu
    0HMf Show Administrative Tools on Start Menu
    0HMf Show Control Panel as a link
    0HMf Show logoff button on classic start menu
    0HMf Show My Computer on Start Menu
    0HMf Show My Documents on Start Menu
    0HMf Show Run Command on Start Menu
    0HMf Small icons on start menu
    0HMf [Internet Explorer]
    0HMf Add Google As Main/default Search Page
    0HMf Add Government and Military to auto url searches
    0HMf Advanced tab settings (set for fast-browsing)
    0HMf Always expand ALT text for images
    0HMf Always send URL as UTF-8
    0HMf Automatically check for internet updates - disabled
    0HMf Check for publisher's certificate revocation
    0HMf check for server certificate revocation
    0HMf Disable FTP folder view (for faster browsing)
    0HMf Disable Internet Explorer "Send information to the Internet" prompt
    0HMf Disable Internet Explorer Auto-Complete prompt
    0HMf Disable Internet Explorer Cookie "Privacy Icon" prompt
    0HMf Disable persistent internet caching
    0HMf Disable script debugging in applications using IE
    0HMf Disable script debugging in IE
    0HMf Dis-allow spying by web-sites
    0HMf Display java applets blocked dialog
    0HMf Do not display a notification about every script error
    0HMf Do not notify when downloads complete
    0HMf Do not reuse windows for launching shortcuts
    0HMf Do not save encrypted pages to disk
    0HMf Enable automatic image resizing
    0HMf Enable image toolbar
    0HMf Enable integrated windows authentication
    0HMf Enable Internet Explorer Status Bar
    0HMf Enable offline items to be synchronized on a schedule
    0HMf Enable page transitions
    0HMf Enable personalized favourites menu
    0HMf Enable third party browser extensions
    0HMf Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in web pages
    0HMf Force offscreen compositing even under terminal server
    0HMf IE toolbar layout (small icons, no text)
    0HMf Make IE7 visit (not Microsoft) on first run
    0HMf Make the "Always ask before opening this type of file" check box always selected
    0HMf Max your Internet Explorer's simultaneous downloads to 50 (default was 2)
    0HMf Notify when add-ons disabled
    0HMf Prevent IE from popping-up "This page requires these components to display correctly"
    0HMf Set auto complete to full on
    0HMf Show friendly HTTP error messages
    0HMf Show friendly/Full URL
    0HMf Show GO button in address bar
    0HMf Show image download placeholders
    0HMf Show pictures
    0HMf Show Statusbar in all windows
    0HMf Skip the Internet Connection Wizard (which comes the first time you start IE)
    0HMf Smart image dithering
    0HMf Turn on the phishing filter in IE7
    0HMf Underline links
    Unlock the toolbars
    Use http 1.1
    Use http 1.1 through proxy settings
    Use passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)
    Use Smooth Scrolling
    Use SSL 2.0 (Checked) + SSL 3.0 (Checked) + TSL 1.0 (unchecked)
    Warn about invalid site certificates
    Warn if changing between secure and insecure mode

    [Outlook Express]

    Control the Ability to Use HTTP Mail in Outlook Express

    [Context Menus]

    Add register / unregister to the context menu for .dll files
    Add register / unregister to the context menu for .ocx files
    Adds "Edit Registry" to right click on My Computer
    Adds "MSCONFIG" to right click on My Computer
    Adds "Services" to right click on My Computer
    Adds an option in the right-click menu to open any folder in a new window
    All items have an "edit.." on right-click sending to notepad
    Bypass "Browse web for program" to open unknown extension: "Open With..." becomes default
    Makes a right click option for unknown files (Open with notepad)
    Open .NFO files with notepad
    Right-click any drive to close the tray of the optical drive
    Show Encryption Commands on the Shortcut Menu

    [XP Service Pack 2 Only]

    Disable Automatic Updates Notifications
    Disable Firewall Notifications
    Disable Information Bar Prompt in Internet Explorer
    Gets rid of annoying popup for running files you download from internet

    [Windows Media Player]

    Disable Auto Upgrade with Windows Media Player
    Disable Media Player identification (track-back) through Internetsites
    Don't download licenses automatically
    Enable DVD in Media Player
    Enable MP3 Encoding from right-click while browsing
    Library Has Been Run
    Media Player EULA Auto accept (to prevent first-run on XPSP2)
    Stretch To Fit
    Windows Media Player - Fit Video To Screen
    WMP Privacy Statement


    Disables Preview of Movie file formats (allowing you to move/rename/delete without errors)
    Show volume icon in the System Tray
    Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files


    Force keep positive entries in DNS Cache for only 4 hours instead of the default 24 hours
    Increase Network Throughput
    Increase RPC Packet Size
    Mount net-drives first, when they are needed
    Show Lan Errors
    Stop caching negative responses


    Disable Default Hidden Shares (Admin$, C$, etc)
    Fix for DSO Exploit that Spybot complains about
    0HMf 0I00
    0HMf 0I00
    0HMf 0I00
    0HMQMM*\**********'*-********!* *-********-! O*******!*! *********''******QMMI00
    0HM\M0P~--~~~~~~-~'"^~~~~~~~'"+"!"~~~~~~~^'"~ "~~~~~~-'9" ~~~~~~~^^~~~~~~00QQI00
    0HMW\\NM0~^^~~`^~~`~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~^`~~~ ~~~`~~^`~~~ ~~^^~~~~~~`^~~~~~]05&CM4I00

    There are plenty of "nay sayers" out there but I have NEVER had a problem with any version I have downloaded and I have been using Black since v4.

    There are a few different versions here in the NZB section if you want to try them out


    BXP 7.5

    And as always they release their versions on PirateBay if you prefer to go the Torrent route

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    Black XP is the best ever! If you want v8, just pm me.
    o hai

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    Wow nice information here.

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    Senor PM you?? He can get it from TPB or NewsGroups, what method do you have???

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