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Thread: Games Like Metal Gear Solid Needed

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    Hi there,
    I really like tactical espionage games like metal gear solid and metal gear solid 2.

    i really want to play more like them so could you please tell me a list of some games you know that are like metal gear solid..

    i know 2 already..
    hitman series
    splinter cell

    could you please tell me some more games like them please


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    Syphon Filter
    Medal of Honour

    cant think of any more off the top of my head.

    Just downloaded The Great Escape.. that kinda fits the category as well.

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    Well if we are going the derection of mohaa, then wolfenstein, global ops, swat, igi, the thing.

    In terms of like metal gear solid - nothing compares so it is hard to say.

    By the way what is with the recent emerginse (SP?) of the span post.
    Wh did you pst the same thing Here in the request aswell. Sorry, I have just been noticing this alot latley and was wondering about the logic that the people that do this have.


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