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Thread: Best invite only site for music?

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    Can anyone fill me in on what would be a premo invite only site for music torrents? I was a member of Demonoid and Oink when they were around and I have been out of the loop for a while. Whats the word?

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    waffles + what

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    far away from jelly

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    waffles - what - filemp3 and stmusic ( scc have a lot of nice releases too )

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    what seems to take Oinks place

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    Let's see: Soundamage, filemp3, softmp3 are decent and are usually open for sign-ups. and Waffles, are the direct descendants Oink and are very similiar in how they are setup. is realtively easy to get into while what can be abit elusive.

    STmusic, is cousin of Waffles and While, it's content isn't as good as the W's it's VERY easy to get into. The staff there is really great too.

    For electronic music, iplay, TT, Tranceroute, Electronik are the main players, but these are just as hard or harder to get into then Waffles.

    On the highend for music trackers you've got the mid-level btmusic, and the very high level E****. I don't know much about either one, but I do know the E**** specializes in older music, especially vinyl rips.

    Hope this helps and have fun!
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    E**** << what is that site?

    and the main music trackers now appear to be and
    o hai

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    i think this question has never been answered before.

    i'm also not sure if anyone has mentioned two excellent music trackers, because i never read threads i reply to.

    so just to be sure let me add what and waffles.

    i will repeat this answer five replies later just in case the next posters don't read the thread as well.

    always hammer home your message.

    what and waffles

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    yes a very rare question indeed. especially since the search button seems to be impossible to find

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirceandr View Post
    what seems to take Oinks place
    nothing takes it place, Oink was unique...

    but the info. above is right on and should tell you what you need to know

    Listen up, cause I'm only telling you this once. I'm not bedtime story lady, so pay attention. The world is *screwed* now.
    No celebrities, no cable TV, no water. It hasn't rained in 11 years. Now 20 people gotta squeeze inside the same bathtub - so it ain't all bad.

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