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Thread: About Xbox Boot Discs And Stuff

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    Ok. As far as i know there is at least one real xbox boot disc called Evo X. I saw it on From what I've heard, you just put the boot disc in and then your xbox does some stuff and you set it up blah blah blah. (Some sites have mentioned already having a mod chip in when they installed the boot disc and some say you just put the boot disc in and set it up and you need no mod chip. I don't know who's right, but wouldn't having a mod chip defeat the purpose of having a boot disc?) But anyways, they make it sound as if you can do this with a normal cd rw, and other places say you need to do it on dvd-r and i dont have a dvd burner. You can find the iso file for the boot disc on kazaa or emule. Let's just say that you do have to have a dvd-r/rw to make it work on xbox, and i burn it onto a normal cd-rw could i convert the iso files (evo-x) to make them work as if it were a dvd? I hope you understand what i'm asking.

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    as far as my knowledge goes... evolution-x is not a boot disk. evolution-x comes in a bios and a dashboard.

    Brief info on evolution-x

    1. You can play games directly off of your HD.

    2. You will be able to utilize a larger HD. (This is only possible if you have a bios that supports a larger HD such as Evo-X 2.5, Executor, etc.)

    3. You will be able to remotely debug your Xbox. (Don't worry about this at this point&#33

    4. Evolution-X (also known as Exo-X) primary function is to turn your Xbox into a FTP server so that you can connect to it via a FTP client from your PC or MAC.

    5. Evo-X replaces your existing dashboard.

    6. Evolution-X the application is different from Evolution-X the bios. Bioses are listed as versions 2.4, 2.5, etc whereas the app is labeled 1.8.2xxx, 1.8.4xx, etc

    No,almost none of the Xbox consoles will read a backup on a cd-r,all backups must be burned to a cdr-w or dvd-r or dvd-rw,also some dvd+r media works as well. I have heard that only xbox's with a samsung drive can play some cd-r.

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    that info came from xbox scene forums. if you want to learn about xbox and stuff.. i did it there.

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    ok thanks. im just gettin started learning about xbox modding and stuff, so i dont know what bios are or anything like that. I would try and send my xbox to someone to install a mod chip but i dont really trust someone miles away to open my xbox, and i dont know how to do it myself. plus my parents would have alot of questions about why i'm shipping my xbox somewhere.

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    well i wouldn't send my xbox no where either. if you could find someone locally you could try that. but when my modchip comes in i'm gonna solder it myslef and i've never tried it b4 but i'm pretty confident i can do it. they have tutorials at xbox-scene. you should read them to get more educated.


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