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Thread: need some info about par files and .001 files

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    I downloaded a nzb today.

    It consists of PAR2 files and files which end in 001 and every other file after this also increase by a digit e.g. 002,003 etc..

    I also have a group of 14 or more PAR 2 files

    i am new to the newsgroup technology.

    When i opended up the 001 file in winrar it extracted to about 9% then an error came up and abort the operation.

    i was wondering if someone could help me extract these files. i read some that the 00.1 files are split and files. I did join them using some free program on the net. However this file was not the cd image which i saw when i opened the .001 file in Winrar.


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    If the files ends on 001 etc. and NOT avi.001, rar.001 or something they are rar files. Just make sure you're not using a very old version of Winrar.

    If it is avi.001 (or some other extension before the numbers) they needs to be joined.

    You have tried to run quickpar on the files manually (even though Alt.Binz or whatever program you used did the job)?

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    Par2 files are parity files which contain recovery data for corrupt files. To use them to repair broken files, download and install a tool called quickpar.

    as said above, .001 etc files are either split files or rar archives. If they are split files and quickpar was used to split them, then quickpar can rejoin them.

    Another easy way to join the .001 etc files it with 7-zip. It's totally free. It also takes care of the .001 files that are rar archives.


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