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Thread: needed with buffer! They upload one of the shows I need in school!

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    Dear reader,

    I was looking for the series called "People's Century" a long time. In the beginning of the next semester I get a subject in school called "Contemporary World History" in which they give lectures at 8:30am where they watch the videos of People's Century. Now I read on a forum that they are uploading all 26 episodes on the website, there seem to be already 9 on it. Now I know that registration is open but the torrents will not stay alive long because not many people are interested in it. Therefore I need a buffered account, else I will get banned before I have the whole series which would be a shame. Hope someone is so kind to offer me a buffered account or I need to trade it, or maybe I may use the account.
    It consists out of 26 episodes , each 500MB which makes 13GB

    Hope you can help me out!

    ps. Sorry for the second post in short time but I got a bit 'over-happy' because I failed the course this year and need to resit it... Help me please

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    register, pm the staff and ask them if I can send you some GBs..

    The site used to have such a thing..
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