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Thread: New Memory

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    I just bought new memory for my computer. But when I opened up my computer, my Cd drive cover one of the ejector clips and i cant get to it, so i dont know what to do. any help?

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    take out your cd drive? install ram, then put it back in

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    assuming i understood your problem correctly: you could either try moving your cd dive to another bay in you computer case, or you could move the drive foreward so it hangs out the front of your computer, and then you can get to the ram slot

    as far as i'm aware those are your only options short of buying a new case.
    on a kind of related note, when i replaced my motherboard, the new one was bigger, and my dvd drive wouldn't go right the way in becasue of bits on the motherboard, so it has to hang a few centimeters out of my case, hasn't caused any problems tho


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