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Thread: The Best Website To Download Music Albums

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    I think that the best place to download music albums apart from Soulseek of course is it has complete album downloads unlike other sites where u have to download single tracks and provides great download speeds most of the time.
    The crap thing is the stupid advertisements and crap that try to get onto ure computer thats why u need a firewall which im sure u all have but it cannot stop all the little bastards. u have to install either anti-leech plugin or something like net pumper to download of course

    But Soulseek is still the best!!!

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    Fucking newbie. you cant download shit from that site.

    Delete topic

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    fuck u dick, thats why i downloaded like 10 albums from there no problem from the first album section all the other sections are pants. And i said the best full music album download site at good speeds.

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    i'm gonna have a look anyway before the link is deleted for being a DDL, i'm prepairing myself for lots of adverts, whenever i've tryted to get mp3 from a site all i get is like half a million popups


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