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Thread: Invite Giveaway

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    This is my first giveaway.

    I will start by giving away 3(2 left) invite, I have more just want to see how this goes first.

    Show me some ratios from today, promise me you will use it, and do not cheat! If you cheat I will make sure everyone here knows it. HDBits is a fantastic tracker so don't ruin it for me or anyone else.

    NO TRADERS!! I will check your posting history.

    I'm being really picky so if you post your ratios make sure I am actually able to see your ratio and upload or download amount at least.
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    great start xb1az3x

    just make sure that u will invite the right persons

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    if needed I can provide more ratios.

    I promise not to cheat and will keep a good ratio.
    I'm not a trader.

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    can i have one plzzz i am looking it for months so if u can plzzzz
    IF i get btmusic invite i will leave trading.

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