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Thread: Johnny English

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    i'm a pretty big mr. bean fan and have been looking for the movie some time now and ended up download lots of fakes. i searched the boards but the results r huge but none is verified. if anyone's got this file in good quality, plz post a verified. thanx a lot

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    the movies been out since november in the UK so wait a couple weeks and you may find a dvd rip

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    All the telesyncs I have seen have been absolute shite. Wait for a DVD rip.

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    Originally posted by kenny g@30 July 2003 - 02:11
    All the telesyncs I have seen have been absolute shite. Wait for a DVD rip.
    there was a telecine release but i have no idea where that went

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    whatever happened to dvd scr of this film, it should be out by now.

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    I had D/L a couple of the files. But on replay you can hear people laughing and so you can hear the film. Quality was pretty poor too.



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    Hey You can go to suprnova. org. reg with them( I hope am allowed to say all this).
    You need to go in their site. Look on the files under BitTorrent and read it > it shows you how to set a link up and then you need to D/L a client on their site. Then on the Suprnova theres a link for Mr English.

    Dont go away.

    cos "Ill be Bark".



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    in the UK you can rent johnny english DVD from 8th august from blockbuster so if you wait another week or so then there will be a DVD rip availible

    fuck Derby County

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    I ve just starting to D/L the file so Ill let you know about it.




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