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Thread: Virus Threatened to Kill File-Sharers, Creator Arrested for Copyright Infringement

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    "The author of a bizarre virus which threatened to kill file-sharers has been arrested in Japan. Has he been arrested for making death threats? No! For writing the virus? No! This is the 21st century. Heís been arrested for copyright infringement, of course."

    "Early March 2007, we reported about a bizarre virus circulating on the Winny network. It was quite unique, in that it taunted file-sharers, threatened to report them to the police and even threatened to kill them.
    "This is a visit from the prevalent Piro virus! Stop P2P! If you donít Iíll tell the police!Ē it exclaimed, while another message threatened: ďAh, I see you are using P2P againÖÖif you donít stop within 0.5 seconds, Iím going to kill you!"

    Graham Cluley, a consultant for Sophos said of the virus: "This is one of the most bizarre pieces of malware we have seen in our labs for quite some time, but itís data-destroying payload is no laughing matter."
    Now, the Japanese police say that they have apprehended the three man gang responsible for the creation and distribution of the virus. One man wrote the code, they say, and the others placed it on file-sharing network, Winny."

    Source: Full Article @ TorrentFreak
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    copyright infringement...WTF? sounds like a certain organization has paid these people to do this. I doubt theses charges will hold.

    Sound like the movie The Ring. If you watch a video in it the phone will ring and you have 7 days before you die.
    Remember bullets always have the right of way.


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