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Thread: No.Country.For.Old.Men ... dvdscr?

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    which one is the best one (in terms of quality ) to download now ?




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    BaLD's is the best quality I believe.

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    The bald version
    READNFO because DoNE already has a DVDSCREENER out but this is from a different (clean) source but
    with a different AR. Ours is 16:9 where as DoNE's was 2.35:1. See the pic in Proof folder (DoNE's
    rip is the top video frame) to see that our source isn't just cropped from a 2.35:1 version and has
    more video frame on the top and bottom when compared to DoNE's but has a little cropped of the left
    and right edges.

    This is the one i saw, subs for this release is also out. And the video and audio is near perfect, almost llos like a DVDRip

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    going to download the BaLD version now

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    Oh thanx from my side too

    I was gonna download the same movie tonite
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    well if you "get it" you'll be in for a treat, best movie ive seen in a couple years.....and then i also just saw sweeney todd which is on the same level imo. great movies if you get a chance to see them, and both are very different from each other.

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    bald for sure
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    AWESOME movie


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