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Thread: Req FTN

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    This is my second request, but this time it's for a tracker that's is really hard to get into, FTN.

    Why do i want to get to FTN? Because I heard the community is really good there. The ratio system, would fit me really well, beacuse I don't remove the torrent from the client execpt the torrent doesen't exist on the tracker any more. So I got alot of torrents in my client.

    If you have one to spare, and is very doubt full to invite me, I can send one speedtest, ratio proof from diffrent sites.

    I behave me really good on the sites that I'm use. Been on torrentsites for about 2 years, so you invite one you can trust.

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    Who knows? Santa Clause may come with a gift, even if it might be a little bit after Christmas You seem like a good user!

    EDIT: And for other FST members: look at this request, this is one that gets you a FTN invite. It contains everything in few words, without dead brothers, cats that ran away, begging or other shite.
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