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Thread: seeding

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    I want to seed the same torrent on another site it is identical what i do i copy and paste the original on to desktop remove and delete the old copy from utorrent then i download the torrent file from the site i want to seed rename parts of it to match and then drag the torrent and files back to it's original place.

    Everytime i start utorrent back up the file is not on my list so i try to add the torrent file as a download but still it does not detect that i already have a working copy.

    I have also tryed moveing the files and the torrent to the temp folder which is the folder that the torrent file is during the download and it is then later moved automatically by the client into the right place when the download is finished and still this does not work. i would have thought the client would detect it as finished still not worling just starts to download again.
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    Just download the .torrent file from the other site you want to seed it on. ( like ur gonna download it again)
    Then, save it to where you already have that file saved. ( the identical file ).
    Instead of downloading, its gonna say checking ...%, thazz it !

    No need to copy or remove anything from utorrent, you can seed both at the same time.

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    Thank you it's all good now
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    yes, just make sure that the torrent is same size and name, then the tracker just needs check that all content is there then you start seeding, its from the same file but different torrent so proper stats will be uploaded and it wont report wrong

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    you have to have exactly the same file downloaded .
    then take the torrent from the site you want to seed and just put it in your prog.
    direct it to exactly the same place the file is already.
    thats it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyy View Post
    I can seed the same file at two different sites? how will the client know how much is uploaded to which site if it is seeding two sites at the same time won't it report the stats as being funny?
    as long as you have two independent torrents that point to each tracker there's no problem.

    tracker a doesn't care if data from the same file is sent simultanously to tracker b.

    two torrents, two trackers, two swarms - all of them are independent.

    the client only takes the data from the same directory/files and sends stats to each tracker.

    nothing to worry about.


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