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Thread: (HELP) - Seedbox (torrentflux, etc) on Sharedhost (Dreamhost specific) is possible?

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    Hello there !

    First post, i recently discover about seedbox, my ISP sux and i canīt seed properly through my connection, specially on private trackers.

    I have a Dreamhost account and would like to use Torrentflux (which is already installed, but i keep getting "torrent died" message).

    I saw on this forum an user who have been able to do this, already send a PM, but as his message was in the middle of last year, so i was trying to do this by myself.

    But i already looked everywhere and still did not find an answer, so i came here asking for your good and appreciated help.

    Dreamhost uses Debian, i already did (but not sure if i did right) a custom PHP.ini and set it on .htaccess, but the lack of tutorials and explanations to newbies like me who donīt have too much skills in linux are the main problem.

    The most important thing in this matter is that i donīt have root access since i am using a SHARED host.

    Can anyone help me seed so i can help others to get their files making everybody happy ?

    Thanks in advance, this forum is very good and peoples seems to know what they are doing.


    Just one more thing, i donīt want to use torrentflux to swarm the server with ups and downs, if i get 20 to 50kb/s speed just to let it seeding as long as possible will already do the trick.

    All the ISP's at my region do Traffic Shaping to the extreme and i canīt even send 1kb/s to private trackers like TL.

    Basically, i can download, but i canīt upload, thats why i want a seedbox.

    Thanks again...
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    Torrents always seem to die on torrentflux when you use a shared server. Get your own dedicated server and I think the problem will stop.

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    by the way
    what script is better to use for seedbox on dedicated server?
    TorrentFlux aren't working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traa View Post
    by the way
    what script is better to use for seedbox on dedicated server?
    TorrentFlux aren't working.
    Give Rtorrent a try and see if it works for you.


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