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Thread: I need help for proxy

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    I am under a proxy
    & use it in some torrent sites
    so how can I make my torrent client
    under the same proxy
    Note: there are two error messages
    1-tracker not registered with this torrent
    2-connection closed by peer
    i really need help

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    set your torrent client to use the same's in the settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by filonome View Post
    set your torrent client to use the same's in the settings.
    ok boss
    I know that I must do this
    and if I know how to do this ,I wouldn't ask
    I need the way to do this not more

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    Firstly don't center you text, it makes it hard to read, so help. First off you shouldn't be using proxies to torrent. But if you must, what client are you using, so we can give direct help. If its utorrent, just put the info into connection, under proxy server. Make sure you choose correct type. Also what site you trying to use it on. Alot ban proxies, atleast known proxies.

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