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Thread: P2P File Sharing For Windows Mobile

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    I just wanted to let you all in on this program called CloudTrade. I am currently in their focus group and the program is in beta testing. Cloudtrade (beta) allows you to upload 1GB of your files and lets you access them from your phone. You can share all different types of files to your friends and you can search for & download files that others have uploaded as well. You can check out more info at

    Come join the beta testing!

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    will do. what a great idea this is!

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    hey everybody if your interested to see what Cloudtrade looks like before you download it, check out some videos on YouTube.
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    Cloudtrade just released the full version of their mobile sharing application to the world! Here are some of the things you can do... From either the website or your phone...

    Cloud Hop- browse your friends content
    Search the Skies- find new content
    Sky Writing- free messaging
    Friend Networking- make friends

    Have Fun!!!

    Cloudtrade just released the full version of their mobile sharing application. Check it out ( Here are some of the things you can do (from either the phone or the website):
    Cloud Hop- Browse your friends' content
    Search the Skies- Find new content
    SkyWrite- free messaging platform
    Social Networking- Make friends
    Have Fun!!!!
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