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Thread: Is This The Summer Of Half Decent Movies?

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    What d'ya reckon people is this Summers (at the moment) ruck of Blockbusters been, well a tad half-decent..nearly there..could of been better movies??? Maybe im just being a real grouch here, and yes i've said it before, watching one of these films on a 28inch TV (like i've been doing) does not in any way compare to watching these on the Big screen...But i still think all these movies listed- Hulk, Reloaded, Bad Boys 2, T3, are all just damp squibs that could of and should of been better...Bad Boys 2 & T3 were just cash-ins plain and simple!! Hulk should have been better (ended up to f***in arty)..the year before we had Spiderman, that was done just right and was a great friggin Superhero flick (hats of to Sam Raimi).. Bad Boys 2, dont get me wrong is a top class action flick..but just one bigger bang after another ,Bad Boys1 eats this film for breakfast..But maybe thats the old tale of 'what sequel is better than the original anyway'??? I'm just reckoning that we will get something like the 'Underworld' flick, which aint had half as much money spent on it/or as much publicity as the above mentioned films making people turn round after viewing it and saying 'what a great f***in film!!'..its always the case nowadays (sleeper hits and all that).........Oooh theres 'Matrix Revolutions' though (still cant wait for that bastard)....
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    i thought it was a gr8 summer for movies im probably gonna download a couple more and spend one of the last couple days of my summer watching them again cause after that i wont have much time probably

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    So far I've read that the best movie of the year is Seabiscuit. Now I haven't seen this film but it does look interesting and fresh. I noticed that it did struggle to find an audience at the box office this weekend opening at the 5th spot (I think). I am sure that this is due probably to the lack of explosions. The race scenes are supposed to be great with a great story and great cast to go with it. Has anyone seen this film this weekend? If so how was it?

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    looks like trash if ya asked me

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    A film about half blind horse racer dosen't really get me too excited, but then I've been surprised by movies before. I'm just hoping that the last dramatic race of the film has Toby on a horse in his spiderman outfit. I'd pay to see that!

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    To be honest I have felt a little let down by the "big blockbuster movies" this year, but I'm looking forward to...

    American Pie 3
    Freddy Vs. Jason
    LOTR Return Of The King
    The Matrix 3 (just to see if they can make up for The Matrix 2)

    If these are crap then you'll be seeing a new thread by me in a few month moaning about how crap 2003's movies have been. And if that happens... well there's always next year for them to redeam themselves.

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    hey looks like slimboyfatz is angry at hollywood for making half hearted flicks.well here in india hollywood flicks reach a bit late.but all teh movies i have seen this summer are not upto the mark. X2, tears of the sun,matrix reloaded (teh worst). i guess lotr2 and t3 were good enuf.
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    I haven&#39;t seen it but Bad Boys 2 has got to be good man and I think freddy vs jason is going to be some dumb shit just like jason X

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    From what I&#39;ve heard Bad Boys 2 is supposed to be really good. I also thought T3 was pretty good, but I seem to be in the minority on that one.

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    I thought T3 was good enough

    And it seem Marvel are just trying to exploit everyone of their comics

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