"One of the big four record labels, which just this week was part of a landmark deal for MP3 access through Last.fm, announced earlier it is suing a completely different firm that offers similar access though without any kind of compensation plan."

"In what could essentially be the first case of its kind, as reported by Billboard magazine, Warner Music Group has initiated a lawsuit against a service called SeeqPod that maintains a public index of stored music tracks throughout the Internet. SeeqPod offers a search tool that helps people locate the music they're looking for, but then it also provides them with a player so they can listen to the music.

That's what has riled Warner, which has been quoted by several sources yesterday as accusing SeeqPod of providing its users with the means to get "to sites containing unauthorized and illegal copies of copyrighted music that can be played on demand or saved as playlists.""

Source: Full Article @ BetaNews