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Thread: Any Good N64 Games To Recommend?

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    I just got project 64 1.5 and have been playing majora's mask, diddy kong racing, and harvest moon 64 which are all awesome games. Does anyone have anything to add to my collection besides SSM. Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, or Mario Kart 64?

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    Well you pretty much got all the decent ones I've ever seen n64 have. I think its time you move on to the newer systems . Mario world 64 was a good game...I liked that one...Then I through it away...If you want a game that is just like mario kart, and perfect dark, get GTA vice city !...though its not for n64 but you will have a hell of a time running from cops other than yoshi

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    The greatest games for 64 (the ones you should get) would be the following:
    1. The legend of zelda: Ocarina of time
    2. Super mario 64
    3. Goldeneye
    4. Mario kart
    5. The legend of zelda: Majoras mask.
    6. Banjo-kazooie
    7. Banjo-tooie

    ...I know i've forgotten some, i actually own 28 games (payed full price).

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    The only game that i see missing is conkers bad fur day.

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    how do u get the controls its so hard using a keyboard

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    I love Jet Force Gemini. It' a great 3rd perspn shooter.

    You can use a gamepad instead of the keyboard

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    Originally posted by thedrocks16@30 July 2003 - 04:54
    The only game that i see missing is conkers bad fur day.
    Conkers Bad Fur Day Rocks!


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