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Thread: help about games

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    hello everyone
    Its been long time since I played computer games was busy with studies for few years
    now I have lots of free time & I recently bought new laptops
    I was looking for some nice game to play but everyone in the filesharing love different games
    generally I check in fourms if majority of people like one game I download that & play but here everyone like completely different games
    I had herd of NFS pro street I was hoping that the game would be good but after reading the fourm for pro street I dont think that I am downloading that now
    so please people help me what are the new trends? which game is most popular? what do people play most these days?
    & thanks for my reading my thread

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    I suggest visiting a video game site like gamespot or ign. If you're gonna go with your laptop, you need to make sure it can handle playing some of the games out there.

    And what are you into? FPS? Racing? RPG? Sports? Action? MMORPG? - build industry! - build transportation - build security

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    i'd say don't play games. if ur old enough to have been done with your studies it's better you just reminisce about it instead of actually starting again..

    if you must though, some of the newer better ones are COD4 /crysis for FPS.
    the witcher for RPG.
    world in conflict for RTS.

    among those 4, witcher and cod4 requirements are the lowest. crysis is the highest pc spec requirement right now, so your lappie might not be so suitable to run it. world in conflict should be okay as long as you don't max out everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miro2008 View Post
    is that even supposed to be a post? this isn't the spam forum btw.


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