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Thread: Anyone Playing Rpgs Lately?

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    yeah everyones talking bout GTA and matrix stuff, but has anyone started talking about the RPGS out? bloodmoon is just out, and i heard its sick cuz u can become a werewolf like daggerfall. star wars knights looks pretty good as does AOM titans. i really enjoyed AoM.... even though i didnt like the norse peoples. and NWN shadows, i hope thats good. FROZEN THRONE!

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    I will still chuck in teh old FF games again and finish them again

    btw can anyone recommend some good RPG for PS2??

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    Final Fantasy X, Xenosaga, Suikoden III, Grandia II, Kingdom Hearts (a bit kiddish but still great), Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, Unlimited Saga

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    I almost exclusively play RPGs. AoM and Warcraft aren't RPGs, though.

    I haven't played many PS2 games, FFX was alright. Summoner was okay. I've heard Grandia II, Okage: Shadow King, Suikoden III, and Summoner II are all good.

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    I can't wait for Star Ocean Till the End of Time and Final Fantasy X-2. If you can find Star Ocean The Second Story for the PSX, definately get it. It's awesome.

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    All i've been playing lately is Morrowind. i've been working on my charecter stats, hes a level 16 Orc. hes a thief with 55,000 gold. no cheats have been used, and i've been playing the game for 39 game days. i have the tribunal expanison for it, but i havn't installed it yet, and i havn't been able to find a bloodmoon cd image, or i'd install it and see what its like.


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