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Thread: How To Convert

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    how do i convert avi. files, into mpeg2?? thanks

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    yes go to the link above for teh guide

    in a summary

    get virtualdub exract the wav with it

    get TMPGEnc and choose SVCD in teh wizard encode

    PM me for more details if you have problems but if you read the guide you will be fine

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    Hi Blondie_05,

    For more information on converting avi's to mpeg2 you can also take a look on the Doom9 homepage. Here you can also find some programs you can use, eg. dvd2svcd, this has an option to convert avi's to mpeg2 (it changes then into avi2svcd). Also you can use the Cinema Craft Encoder, it's far better than TMPEGEnc (it's faster and gives better quality). Another advantage of these programs are that it's all automated, so you don't have to do a thing after it starts. You also should use Daemon Tools and any cd-copy program to burn the cue/bin files to a cd-r.

    But before I leave you I just want to say this: Before you ask a question in the forum, check out the other threads in the forum, because in 99% of the cases your question has already been asked before. And this question has also been asked numerous times before. So don't start asking right away, but read the FAQ's and other threads. Search for your answer, girl. Search for your answer and when your question falls into the remaining 1%, you are welcome to ask it.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    ok, i went to that website, and clicked on convert. but theres no place to click CONVERT AVI TO MPEG...... but tons of other ones....?

    and how do i know what type of file i have(avi,svcd...etc..)??

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    and do i want to convert it to vcd...?? i need to hire someone i guess to come help me out here....

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    i dont know exactly how fast, but we have the adelphia powerlink, i think its pretty fast..... nothing takes that long to download(havent tried dvd files yet though...)


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