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Thread: help connecting internet @ startup

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    I really need help connection internet automatically at starup & every time it disconnect
    in night my internet connection get disconnected & whole night it dosent download anything
    complete wast of electricity
    how to reconnect automatically

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    well it would help if you describe the your setup.
    what kind of connection are you?
    could the isp have anything to do with it?
    do you use a router?
    are you on windows?

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    I would post this in the software section unless this is directly related to a BT client then be more specific and descriptive and someone will be sure to help you mate.

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    Didn't Think So!

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    you need rasmaster
    this belong software section

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    I know its Utorrent because of your thread in torrents , have to think its your ISP disconnecting you at a certain time which is strange as the peak time is like after school or early evenings . rasmaster sounds interesting shijo , can it reconnect when my lil bugger son clicks it off to play CCS while I'm in bed watching a movie ?

    I'd to set my computer to start @ say 2:00 am to skirt around the issue , that being said you have Utorrent to load at start . More than one way to skin a cat .
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    Are you on wireless? or LAN?

    I've had a similar problem with wireless, but if your drivers and software for it aren't fully updated then problems like these arose for me.


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