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Thread: questions about new system

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    i was wondering with my processor whats a safe idle temp? mine stays around 40c. the max temp according to amd's site is 70c. when its 100% under load with stress test i got it up to 60 but kept jumping between 58-61. i stopped it at 60 the first time. got sceered . and also, i've heard alot of talk on different forums about the 9500 not performing well and problems with their motherboard. i havent had no problems at all. says i have 2.2ghz rated at 14.25 ghz. while my friends overclocked 2.4 intel q6600 says 2.9ghz rated at 11.19ghz. i read a couple things on my motherboard about how theres no heatsink by the chip v regulator and that it burns out after 2 days. but loving my new cpu .

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    That one long, run on sentence is hard to read and understand.
    I'm not too familiar with the Phenom, it's new and right now AMD isn't very popular. But, in general 40c is a fair idle temperature for a processor.


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